Municipal Zoning Bylaws Review Project


The four member municipalities of the South Central Planning District have initiated a review of their respective zoning bylaws.  The intent of this review is to align local zoning with the objectives and policy directions of the new South Central District Development Plan, and to update zoning to reflect current conditions.   

A new, draft zoning bylaw has been prepared for each member municipality. As part of the review process, a series of virtual Open Houses has been scheduled to present the draft bylaws to the public and give community members the opportunity to share their feedback.

To attend an open house, you must register for the individual event by sending an email to the associated email address.  You will receive a confirmation email response with a link to the event and details on how to participate.

Municipality of Norfolk TreherneTuesday, February 22nd @ 7:00pm

To register, email:


Municipality of Louise – Thursday, February 24th@ 7:00pm

To register, email:


Municipality of Victoria – Tuesday, March 1st@ 7:00pm

To register, email:


Municipality of Lorne – Thursday, March 3rd@ 7:00pm

To register, email:

Each virtual open house will be recorded and posted here following the event.

Municipality of Norfolk Treherne Virtual Open House (February 22nd)

Recorded Open House Presentation             Presentation Slides (PDF)

Municipality of Louise Virtual Open House (February 24th)

Recorded Open House Presentation       Presentation Slides (PDF)

Rural Municipality of Victoria Virtual Open House (March 1st)

Recorded Open House Presentation    Presentation Slides (PDF)

Municipality of Lorne Virtual Open House (March 3)

Recording of Open House                  Presentation Slides (PDF)

In addition to attending a virtual Open House, you can also view a full copy of each draft bylaw at the links below, along with information on the overall project timeline. A link to a comment form is also provided to submit your feedback:

Project Scope/Timeline

Public Comment Form

Draft Municipal Zoning Bylaws